Memorial Safety

When fixing memorials we assure that all safety features are took out and applied therefore we would make sure the correct measures were taken, as members of BRAAM we make sure it us up to the highest standard.

As a result of accidents involving memorials, the National Association of Monumental Masons with guidance from the health and safety executive have recommended that all lawn memorials that are taller than 20" should be ground anchored. Ground anchoring involves pre drilling a 60mm thick concrete foundation and countersinking to accept a washer. The memorial base is then pre drilled 28mm. A 700mm stainless steel treaded bar is inserted through the foundation and into the ground, the memorial base is then fitted over the exposed bar. The headstone and base is secured with a traditional dowelling method. This method ensures that if any of the joints fail due to natural deterioration or pressure, the memorial cannot be pushed over easily and will not fall over.