A Quick Guide
To Maintaining A
Loved One's Grave

A loved one’s grave can be a calming place for friends and family to visit and remember them, or simply sit and feel close to them again.

Here is a quick guide to maintaining a headstone and grave.


If the grave has a headstone memorial this should be kept clean and unobstructed. Memorials come in a wide range of beautiful designs and natural stones that should be looked after carefully.

When cleaning your headstone, it’s important to use a soft sponge and a gentle cleaning solution, a simple solution of warm water and washing up liquid should be effective at removing most dirt. Take care to only use mild and gentle cleaning solutions and never use acidic cleaning products as these could damage natural stone.

Brush or wipe way excess dirt before using your sponge and soapy water to gently wash your headstone. For headstones with inscriptions or detail, use a cotton bud to gently clean dirt from any narrow spaces. Finally, use a clean, dry cloth to buff the headstone and remove any streaks.


Keep the grave looking neat, tidy, and well cared for with regular weeding and by trimming back any grass or overhanging plants.

Decorative items

Adding personal touches and decorative items to a grave can act as a tribute to the person’s character. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to check if the cemetery or burial ground has any rules, regulations or restrictions surrounding decorative items prior to buying anything.




If you’ve cleaned and spruced the grave but it’s still looking a little sad, old, or rundown then it may be that the headstone requires professional renovation.
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